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An application for a letter of appointment to provide towing services for the city of Bothell shall be filed by the applicant with the city of Bothell police department. In the case of a partnership, each partner shall apply on the form prescribed. In the case of a corporation, the city may require that each of the present, and any subsequent, officers, managers and stockholders holding any of the total issued and outstanding stock of the applicant corporation complete an application form. Each application for letter of appointment shall comply with the current business license ordinance before the letter of appointment will be issued.

The filing of an application for a letter of appointment to tow upon request of the police department does not in itself authorize the towing operator to provide towing services pursuant to these regulations until a letter of appointment has been issued and signed by the chief of police. The police department shall not call a towing business unless a permanent letter has been issued in connection with such business by the chief of police. However, nothing in this section shall prohibit the police department from calling the towing business upon the specific request of the person responsible for the vehicle, or the person’s agent. (Ord. 2042 § 1, 2010).