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A. The application for a letter of appointment shall be made on the form prescribed by the chief of police. Upon request, the chief of police shall advise the applicant of the contents of these regulations and of the standards established for the issuance of a letter of appointment.

B. The application form for such letter of appointment shall contain the following:

1. Name and residence address of the applicant;

2. Business name and address from which the business will be conducted;

3. Information pertaining to the applicant or employee of the business, pertaining to criminal and/or misdemeanor convictions, forfeitures, claims and/or judgments against them, within the past 10 years and, if affirmatively answered, further information as may be requested by the chief of police.

C. Location of any storage areas.

D. List of all vehicles to be used in connection with the business, including make, model, motor number, year, current vehicle license number and color scheme of each vehicle.

E. Names and addresses of all persons to be engaged as employees in the operation of the tow truck business, with description of the position of each employee.

F. Experience that the applicant and/or employees have had in the tow truck business.

G. Any other information the chief of police deems reasonably necessary.

H. Evidence of compliance with applicable state requirements for tow truck operators and tow truck permits as set forth in Chapter 46.55 RCW, as amended, and applicable regulations adopted pursuant thereto. (Ord. 2042 § 1, 2010).