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A. Interference with Public Events. No person shall physically interfere with any public event activity in a manner which: (1) disrupts the activity to the extent it makes it difficult for the activity to continue; or (2) causes viewers or participants (including vendors) to be distracted to the extent the viewing of or the participation in the activity is obstructed, restrained or inhibited. For purposes of this section, “activity” shall include any parade, performance, processing, race, game, exhibition or similar activity which is conducted on a public street or public place and is an official part of a public event. The term “public event” shall mean any event(s) sponsored or co-sponsored by, in conjunction with, or endorsed by any public, quasipublic or civic entity for the benefit of the public. Violation/penalty: Any violation of this section shall constitute a misdemeanor.

B. Criminal Trespass. Any person who (1) violates this section of the Bothell Municipal Code; (2) commits any offense against public peace as set forth in this title including, but not limited to, indecent exposure, urinating in public, public disturbance, disorderly conduct and failure to disperse, while attending or in conjunction with a public event; (3) commits a crime against a person, including, but not limited to, assault in the fourth degree and provoking assault, while attending or in conjunction with a public event; or (4) commits a felony while attending or in conjunction with a public event, may be ordered removed from the property on which the event is held by any person(s) having lawful authority over the event or by a law enforcement officer. Such an order may prohibit the person from returning to the property on which the event is held for the duration of the event if there is cause to believe that further violations would occur if the person were allowed to return. Such order shall apply to event areas both on and off public streets and public places. Any violation of such an order lawfully issued shall constitute criminal trespass pursuant to Chapter 9A.52 RCW. (Ord. 1911 § 2, 2003).