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It is unlawful for any person to conduct, manage, supervise, carry on or own the business of operating a rebound-tumbling device center unless there shall be posted in a conspicuous place a sign prominently displaying thereon the following rules governing the use by patrons of the rebound-tumbling devices:

A. Not over one person on a rebound-tumbling device at a time;

B. No flips or similar difficult routines unless under the immediate supervision of a qualified instructor, or until qualified as demonstrated by officially acceptable certificate or by determination of the manager or supervisor. In case of dispute with a patron, the manager or supervisor ruling shall be final;

C. No use of rebound-tumbling devices in street shoes or in bare feet;

D. All patrons shall strictly and promptly comply with requests or requirements of the manager or supervisor;

E. All patrons shall stop activity on rebound-tumbling devices at official warning sound;

F. No use of facilities while under the influence of alcohol or when not in condition to safely use rebound-tumbling devices as determined by the manager or supervisor;

G. No jumping from one rebound-tumbling device to another;

H. No actions allowed which will or may seriously distract or interfere with the performer;

I. No children under six years of age shall be allowed to use a rebound-tumbling device unless accompanied by a parent;

J. No smoking, eating or drinking while on the rebound-tumbling device.

Nothing in this section is intended to preclude the posting and enforcement of any other safety rule. (Ord. 310 § 5, 1960).