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From time to time, the city council shall select an ad hoc committee that will make recommendations for use of the percent deposit. The city council shall review the procedures and art selection criteria established by that committee, and the city council shall have final approval for all expenditures for the one percent for the arts projects. These funds shall be used for:

A. Selection, acquisition, and installation or display of original works of visual art, including works of art on loan to the city or temporarily displayed at public facilities, which may be an integral part of the project, or be placed in, on or about the project or in another public facility;

B. Repairs and maintenance of public art acquired with the art in public places fund; and

C. Other project-specific expenses of selection and acquisition of public art; provided, that no part of the funds shall be used to pay administrative staffing expenses of the program.

D. Any unexpended funds which remain in the public arts fund at the end of any budget period shall not be transferred to the general fund or otherwise lapse, but said unexpended funds shall be carried forward from year to year until expended for the purposes set forth in this section, unless otherwise directed by the city council. (Ord. 2013 § 1, 2009).