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Hydrants shall stand plumb; be set to the established grade with the lowest outlet of the hydrant no less than 18 inches above the bottom of the hydrant flange, and no less than 36 inches of clear area about the hydrant for clearance of the hydrant wrench on both outlets and on the control valve. The pumper port shall face the street. Where the street cannot be clearly defined or recognized, the port shall face the most likely route of approach and location of the fire truck while pumping, to be determined by the fire code official. (Ord. 2191 § 6 (Exh. F), 2016; Ord. 2052 § 6 (Exh. F), 2010; Ord. 1926 § 8, 2004; Ord. 1635 § 1, 1996; Ord. 833 § 14, 1977).