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A. Reconsideration of Decisions – Conference. Any major employer wishing to appeal a decision regarding program approval, goal modifications, program amendments, or exemptions must request a conference with the public works director, or the director’s designee, to request a reconsideration of the decision. Such a conference must be requested within 10 city business days of the decision, and shall be scheduled within 30 days of the decision. When requesting a conference, an employer may indicate an intention to seek a recommendation from the peer review board, and request that the conference be scheduled or continued after such a recommendation has been issued. The city of Bothell public works director or designee shall issue a decision on the reconsideration request within 10 business days of the completion of the conference.

B. Appeal of Administrative Decisions. Any person adversely affected by an administrative decision under this chapter may appeal that decision to the hearing examiner within 14 days of the decision on the reconsideration request. The hearing examiner shall render a final decision in all appeals filed under this subsection. Appellants shall be notified at least 10 days in advance of the date, time, and place at which the hearing examiner will consider the appeal. Administrative decisions shall be upheld if it is determined that they were consistent with this chapter, the CTR law (RCW 70.94.521 through 70.94.551) and the CTR board guidelines. Appeals may be granted if the employer can show the administrative decision is not consistent with this chapter.

C. Appeals of Hearing Examiner Decisions. All actions seeking judicial review of any final decision of the hearing examiner under this chapter must be filed within 14 days from the date the decision is rendered. (Ord. 2207 § 1 (Exh. A), 2016; Ord. 2017 § 1 (Att. A), 2009; Ord. 1789 § 1, 1999).