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Development in this area shall be by conditional use permit, include no office or retail uses more intensive than those specified in the Waynita/Simonds/Norway Hill Subarea Plan Land Use Policy 6, and incorporate the following features:

A. Coordination of building(s) design;

B. Integration of office/retail/services businesses and residential dwelling units in the same building(s) where feasible;

C. Placement and design of residential and office/retail/service buildings in such a manner as to promote pedestrian travel from one building to another;

D. Location of parking behind or alongside buildings, but not between buildings and the street, where feasible;

E. Use of bricks, textured and/or colored concrete, or other decorative paving treatment at pedestrian crossings on internal streets and adjacent public streets to provide a unifying design element and to enhance pedestrian safety;

F. Use of pedestrian-scale lighting such as but not limited to light poles not exceeding 12 feet in height, and lighting bollards three to four feet in height;

G. Plazas or other open spaces to encourage interaction;

H. Planter areas separating the street from the sidewalk/boundary;

I. Consolidation of driveways to minimize the number of access points, and provision of internal access from property to property in such a manner as to allow a smooth flow of traffic across consecutive abutting properties; and

J. Development shall provide for a transition in building mass from the greatest mass near the freeway interchange to the least mass adjacent to abutting single-family zoning, and shall incorporate noise-absorbing and sight-obscuring landscaping, screening and/or fencing abutting single-family zoning. (Ord. 2053 § 3 (Exh. C), 2010; Ord. 2025 § 2 (Exh. C), 2009; Ord. 1946 § 2, 2005; Ord. 1815 § 1, 2000).