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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 11 Requires screens in areas where food is sold to public Not codified
Ord. 10 Regulates keeping of certain animals and fowl Repealed by 666
Ord. 9 Provides for licensing of peddlers and itinerant merchants Repealed by 116
Ord. 8 Creates office of street commissioner Repealed by 130
Ord. 7 Adopts construction specifications for sidewalks 1911 Repealed by 1633
Ord. 6 Adopts speed limits Repealed by 116
Ord. 5 Creates position of fire marshal Not codified
Ord. 4 Taxes dogs Repealed by 150
Ord. 3 Prohibits selling, bartering, furnishing, giving away, delivering or otherwise disposing of intoxicating liquor Repealed by 116
Ord. 2 Establishes fire limit Repealed by 49
Ord. 1 Council meetings Repealed by 110