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A. A person is guilty of obstructing a public officer if, with knowledge that the person is a public officer, the person:

1. Intentionally and physically interferes with a public officer;

2. Intentionally hinders or delays a public officer by disobeying an order to stop given by such officer;

3. Intentionally refuses to cease an activity or behavior that creates a risk of injury to any person when ordered to do so by a public officer;

4. Intentionally destroys, conceals or alters or attempts to destroy, conceal or alter any material which the person knows the public officer is attempting to obtain, secure, or preserve during an investigation, search or arrest;

5. Intentionally refuses to leave the scene of an investigation of a crime while an investigation is in progress after being requested to leave by a public officer; or

6. Intentionally hinders or delays a public officer in the discharge of the officer’s official duties by making any untrue or misleading statement, report or identification.

B. No person shall be convicted of violating this section if the judge determines with respect to the person charged with violating this section that the public officer is not acting lawfully in a governmental function.

C. For purposes of this section, a public officer means those individuals responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of the Bothell Municipal Code and empowered to make arrests or issue citations for violations under the code or those individuals responsible for the enforcement of the criminal laws of the state.

D. Obstructing a public officer is a gross misdemeanor. (Ord. 2143 § 1, 2014; Ord. 1911 § 2, 2003).