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Upon recommendation of the city manager, the city council may issue a city-wide temporary order prohibiting the sale, possession and use of consumer fireworks. Said recommendation shall be based on a reasonable and articulable belief that hazardous conditions exist where the sale and use of consumer fireworks poses a severe wildland-urban interface fire hazard, increasing risk and/or threatening public safety. Prior to making the recommendation, the city manager shall consult the fire chief and police chief for best available public safety information pertinent to the conditions. Said information shall be communicated to the council as part of the city manager’s recommendation. The temporary emergency order shall specify the time period it shall be in effect. The emergency order may be cancelled by the city council prior to its expiration date, based on recommendation from the city manager after consultation with the fire chief and police chief as to prevailing conditions. (Ord. 2190 § 1 (Exh. A), 2016).