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A “repeat violator” is defined as a person, firm, corporation, association, or agent thereof, who has received a notice of violation for the same property one or more times within five calendar years. If a person is a repeat violator as defined herein, the city can, at its discretion, issue a repeat violator notice of violation. A notice of violation to a repeat violator shall be issued and served as provided in this chapter, but will not include a description of the corrective action necessary to eliminate the violation or a date by which the corrective action must be completed to avoid a hearing before the hearing examiner. The repeat violator notice of violation will notify the person receiving the citation that due to the repeat nature of their violations the city will be seeking an order from the hearing examiner, at the date and time set forth in the citation, granting any and all relief to which the city is entitled under this chapter. (Ord. 1874 § 7, 2002).