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It shall be unlawful for any person to:

A. Allow animal feces to accumulate in any open private area, run, pen, shelter, or yard where animals are harbored or fail to remove and properly dispose of animal feces from such areas at least once every 24 hours, unless such areas are subject to treatment with all reasonable best management practices, per BMC 18.04.260(D), so as to prevent polluted drainage waters from entering the surface or storm water system of the city.

B. Fail to remove fecal matter deposited by an animal under the person’s ownership or control on public property or the private property of another before leaving the immediate area where the fecal matter was deposited.

C. Fail to have in ther person’s immediate possession an appropriately sized bag to be used for the removal of animal feces when accompanying an animal on public property or private property of another.

Provided, however, that subsection A of this section may be enforced only as a secondary action when an animal control or law enforcement officer is investigating another suspected civil or criminal violation related to the private property. (Ord. 2077 § 1, 2011).