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It is unlawful for any person to conduct, manage, carry on or own the business of operating a rebound-tumbling device center unless the person carries for such business public liability insurance for personal injury or damage caused through the use of any rebound-tumbling device with limits of at least $1,000 for any one occurrence, with at least $50,000 for any one person per occurrence, and shall by endorsement or otherwise protect and save harmless the city against any claim or suit for damage or injuries sustained by anyone resulting from the use or operation of such rebound-tumbling device, and appear and defend in the city’s behalf. The applicant for any such rebound-tumbling device center license shall submit such liability policy to the city attorney of the city for approval prior to issuance of the license. (Ord. 315 § 2, 1960; Ord. 310 § 9, 1960).