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For the purposes of this chapter, the following words and phrases have the meanings ascribed to them in this chapter:

A. “Pawnbroker” means every person who takes or receives by way of pledge, pawn or exchange goods, wares, or merchandise of any kind of personal property whatever, for the repayment of security of any money loaned thereon, or to loan money on deposit of personal property, or who makes public display of any sign indicating that there is money to loan on personal property on deposit or pledge.

B. “Secondhand dealer” means every person who as a business engages in the purchase, sale, barter, auction, sale on consignment, or otherwise exchanges secondhand goods, or who keeps a store, shop, room or other place where secondhand goods of any kind or description are bought, sold, traded or bartered, pledged, pawned, auctioned, sold on consignment, or otherwise exchanged; provided, however, that this term does not apply to those persons engaged in the business of selling used or secondhand motor vehicles or boats.

C. “Secondhand goods” means any and all used, remanufactured, or secondhand goods purchased or kept for sale by a dealer in secondhand goods; provided, however, such term does not include junk or used or secondhand motor vehicles or boats. (Ord. 744 § 2, 1974).