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The following statutes of the state of Washington, as now existing or as they may be hereafter amended, are adopted by reference:


9.46.010    Legislative declaration.

9.46.0201    “Amusement game.”

9.46.0205    “Bingo.”

9.46.0209    “Bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization.”

9.46.0213    “Bookmaking.”

9.46.0217    “Commercial stimulant.”

9.46.0221    “Commission.”

9.46.0225    “Contest of chance.”

9.46.0229    “Fishing derby.”

9.46.0233    “Fund raising event.”

9.46.0237    “Gambling.”

9.46.0241    “Gambling device.”

9.46.0245    “Gambling information.”

9.46.0249    “Gambling premises.”

9.46.0253    “Gambling record.”

9.46.0257    “Lottery.”

9.46.0261    “Member,” “bona fide member.”

9.46.0265    “Player.”

9.46.0269    “Professional gambling.”

9.46.0273    “Punch boards,” “pull-tabs.”

9.46.0277    “Raffle.”

9.46.0281    “Social card game.”

9.46.0285    “Thing of value.”

9.46.0289    “Whoever,” “person.”

9.46.0305    Dice or coin contests for music, food, or beverage payment.

9.46.0311    Charitable, nonprofit organizations – Authorized gambling activities.

9.46.0315    Raffles – No license required, when.

9.46.0321    Bingo, raffles, amusement games – No license required, when.

9.46.0325    Social card games, punch boards, pull-tabs authorized.

9.46.0331    Amusement games authorized.

9.46.0335    Sports pools authorized.

9.46.0341    Golfing sweepstakes authorized.

9.46.0345    Bowling sweepstakes authorized.

9.46.0355    Promotional contests of chance authorized.

9.46.0361    Turkey shoots authorized.

9.46.110    Taxation of gambling activities – Limitations – Restrictions on punch boards and pull-tabs.

9.46.120    Restrictions as to management or operation personnel – Restriction as to leased premises.

9.46.130    Inspection and audit of premises, paraphernalia, books, and records – Reports for the commission.

9.46.150    Injunctions – Voiding of licenses, permits, or certificates.

9.46.185    Causing person to violate rule or regulation.

9.46.190    Violations relating to fraud and deceit.

9.46.195    Obstruction of public servant in administration or enforcement as violation – Penalty.

9.46.196    Cheating.

9.46.198    Working in gambling activity without license as violation – Penalty.

9.46.200    Action for money damages due to violations – Interest – Attorneys’ fees – Evidence for exoneration.

9.46.210    Enforcement – Commission as a law enforcement agency.

9.46.217    Gambling records – Penalty – Exceptions.

9.46.222    Professional gambling in the third degree.

9.46.231    Gambling devices, real and personal property – Seizure and forfeiture.

9.46.235    Slot machines, antique – Defenses concerning – Presumption created.

9.46.240    Gambling information, transmitting or receiving as violation – Penalty.

9.46.250    Gambling property or premises – Common nuisances, abatement – Termination of mortgage, contract, or lease-hold interests, licenses – Enforcement.

9.46.260    Proof of possession as evidence of knowledge of its character.

9.46.270    Chapter as exclusive authority for taxation of gambling activities.

9.46.293    Fishing derbies exempted.

9.46.295    Licenses as legal authority to engage in activities for which issued – Exception.

9.46.350    Civil action to collect fees, interest, penalties, or tax – Writ of attachment – Records as evidence.

9.46.400    Wildlife raffle.

One or more copies of the above-referenced statutes shall be kept on file in the office of the city clerk for use and examination by the public. (Ord. 1807 § 1, 2000).