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Every licensee under this chapter shall:

A. Post and maintain such license upon the licensed premises in a place where it may be seen at all times;

B. Carry such license on the licensee’s person when the licensee has no licensed business premises;

C. Affix any insignia delivered for use in connection therewith upon the outside of any coin, vending, or other business machine or device, so that it may be seen at all times;

D. Not allow any license or special permit to remain posted, displayed, or used after the period for which it was issued has expired, or when it has been suspended or revoked, or for any other reason become ineffective;

E. Not loan, sell, give or assign to any other person or allow any other person to use or display, or to destroy, damage or remove, or to have in the licensee’s possession, except as authorized by the license officer or by law any license which has been issued to the licensee, subject, however, to the right to transfer as provided in BMC 5.04.350 through 5.04.370. (Ord. 1806 § 1, 2000).