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A. The city council may, by ordinance, in its sole discretion, amend or rescind the designation of a residential targeted area pursuant to the procedural requirements set forth in Chapter 84.14 RCW.

B. The following zone classifications within the city allow for multifamily housing, meet the criteria of Chapter 84.14 RCW, and are hereby designated by the city council as residential targeted areas: R 5,400a, R 4,000, R 2,800, R-AC, Downtown Core, Downtown Neighborhood, Downtown Transition, SR 522 Corridor, General Downtown Corridor, RMU-H, RMU-M, OR-H, OR-M and OR-L.

C. If a part of any legal lot is within a residential targeted area, then the entire lot shall be deemed to lie within such residential targeted area. (Ord. 2358 § 1, 2021).