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As used in conjunction with the public arts fund and the one percent for the arts program, the following terms have the meanings set forth below:

A. “Acquisition of real property” means the purchase of parcels of land or existing buildings and structures, including associated costs such as appraisals or negotiations.

B. “Art in public places” means any expression by an artist of visual works of art available to the public in areas designated as public areas within the city-owned facility, or on noncity-owned property if the work of art is installed or financed, in whole or in part, by the city.

C. “Demolition costs” means the cost of removing buildings or other structures from the property.

D. “Equipment” means equipment or furnishings that are portable.

E. “Qualifying city-owned capital improvement project” means projects funded wholly or in part by the city at a cost exceeding $50,000 for the construction or remodel of any public buildings, decorative or commemorative structures, bridges, and above-ground transportation and parks projects. (Ord. 2013 § 1, 2009).