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The council of Bothell finds, determines, and declares that:

A. Bothell must expand its fire and EMS service model in order to maintain current response standards if new development is to be accommodated without decreasing response times. This must be done in order to promote and protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare.

B. The Washington State Legislature through the enactment of the Washington State Growth Management Act (Chapter 36.70A RCW) has authorized local jurisdictions to enact impact fees.

C. The imposition of impact fees is one of the preferred methods of ensuring that new development bears a proportionate share of the cost of capital facilities necessary to accommodate new growth.

D. Each type of land development described in BMC 21.16.040 will create demand for the acquisition or expansion of fire facility improvements.

E. The fees established in BMC 21.16.040 are derived from, based upon, and do not exceed the costs of providing additional facilities necessitated by the new land developments for which the fees are levied. (Ord. 2210 § 1, 2016).