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A. Funds collected from park growth impact fees shall be used solely for the purpose of making capital improvements to parks, open space and recreational facilities under the jurisdiction of Bothell.

B. Funds shall be used exclusively for capital improvements within the park growth impact fee service areas. Funds shall be expended on the basis of a “first in/first out” accounting basis.

C. In the event that bonds or similar debt instruments are issued for advanced provision of capital facilities for which park impact fees may be expended, impact fees may be used to pay debt service on such bonds or similar debt instruments to the extent that the facilities provided are of the type described in A of this section and are located within the appropriate impact fee service areas created by BMC 21.08.060 or as provided in B of this section.

D. Impact fees for system improvements shall be expended by the city only in conformance with the capital facilities program (CFP).

E. Impact fees shall be expended or encumbered by the city for a permissible use within 10 years of receipt by the city, unless there exists an extraordinary or compelling reason for fees to be held longer than 10 years. The city council shall identify the city’s extraordinary and compelling reasons for the fees to be held longer than 10 years in the council’s own written findings.

F. At least once each fiscal period the director shall present to the council a proposed capital facility program (CFP) for parks, assigning funds, including any accrued interest from the several park impact fee funds to specific park improvement projects and related expenses. Moneys, including any accrued interest, not assigned in any fiscal period shall be retained in the same park impact fee funds until the next fiscal period, except as provided by the refund provisions of this chapter.

G. Funds may be used to provide refunds as described in BMC 21.08.090. (Ord. 2192 § 1, 2016; Ord. 2165 § 1, 2015; Ord. 1707 § 8, 1997).