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This chapter shall not apply to activation of a fire alarm system resulting from the following:

A. Any actual fire, explosion or overheating or other situation that could have resulted in a fire.

B. Any manual activation of an alarm where it was believed that a fire or any other emergency requiring response of emergency personnel existed.

C. Malicious manual activation or unlawful tampering with a fire alarm system.

D. Accidental striking of an alarm box, detector, circuitry, panel or other components of an alarm system or accidental breakage or discharge of a sprinkler system or other fire extinguishing system.

E. Accidental breakage or leak of any system that releases steam, heat, gases, water or vapors which might activate a detector.

F. Earthquake, lightning or natural occurrences that result in movement or flooding of a building.

G. Work on telephone lines or central office equipment. (Ord. 1635 § 1, 1996; Ord. 1236 § 10, 1986).