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A. The board shall advise the city council regarding the expansion and operation of the city parks and recreational facilities and programs, but shall have no administrative or supervisory powers.

B. The board shall have the power to advise regarding the establishment of a park and/or recreation department, in this chapter called the department, and regarding staffing of the department, and to advise regarding conduct of any form of recreation or cultural activity that will employ the leisure time of the people in a constructive and wholesome manner, and shall advise regarding control and supervision of all parks belonging to the city, and advise regarding planning, promotion, management and acquisition, construction, development, maintenance and operation, including restrictions on, and compensation to be paid for concessions or privileges in parks and/or playgrounds, either within or without the city limits, or parks, squares, parkways and boulevards, play and recreational areas, and/or other municipally owned recreational facilities, including community buildings and improvement and ornamentation of the same. The board shall further make recommendations regarding entering into written contracts with the United States, the state, and county, city or town park district, school district, or any such public organization for the purpose of operating a parks and recreation system or exercising any other power granted by this chapter. The board shall be responsible to the city council for its duties and actions. The board shall acquire authorization from the city council prior to undertaking any project.

C. Tree Requirements. The city of Bothell values the protection, preservation and enhancement of the natural environment and wildlife habitats that surround us. The board shall develop and monitor a master plan governing tree planting, maintenance and removal that will provide for the diversity of species and age composition of our community forest.

The duties of the board concerning trees shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Promoting the responsible planting of trees on public and private property as per Chapter 12.18 BMC;

2. Promoting public education about trees;

3. Promoting proper tree maintenance for safety, health and aesthetics;

4. Advocating for best practices tree management within the city;

5. Providing for aesthetics within the city through the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive tree program;

6. Integration of the tree program with Chapter 12.18 BMC regarding tree retention and landscaping;

7. Developing innovative and joint funding for tree projects from a variety of sources;

8. Providing the city council with an annual report regarding tree board activities. (Ord. 1834 § 1, 2000; Ord. 308 § 4, 1960).