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The following chapters and sections of the Washington Administrative Code which pertain to six-hour “holding facilities,” as defined therein, which are not classified as advisory, including all future amendments thereto, are adopted by reference pursuant to the requirements of Chapter 70.48 RCW, as amended by Chapter 462, Section 17, Laws of 1987:

A. Chapter 289-02 WAC, Introduction and definitions.

B. Chapter 289-14 WAC, Administration.

C. Chapter 289-15 WAC, Safety.

D. Chapter 289-16 WAC, Operations.

E. Chapter 289-18 WAC, Security.

F. Chapter 289-19 WAC, Prisoner conduct.

G. Chapter 289-20 WAC, Health and welfare.

H. Chapter 289-24 WAC, Communications.

I. WAC 289-22-100(6)(c), Counseling.

J. WAC 289-22-110(3), Work programs. (Ord. 1298 § 1, 1988).