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No individual firm, association, corporation or other party owning, maintaining, controlling any building or premises, who voluntarily and without compensation grants to the city a license or privilege or otherwise permits said city to inspect, designate and use the whole or any part or parts of such building or premises for the purpose of sheltering persons during an actual, impending, mock or practice emergency or disaster, or their successors in interest, or the agents or employees of any of them, shall be subject to liability for injuries sustained by any person while in or upon said building or premises as a result of any act or mission in connection with the upkeep or maintenance thereof, except a willful act of misconduct, when such a person has entered or gone into or upon said building or premises for the purpose of seeking refuge therein during an emergency or disaster or an attack by enemies of the United States or during a disaster drill, exercise or test ordered by a lawful authority. (Ord. 1619 § 1, 1995).