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The emergency management organization of the city of Bothell is hereby created, and shall consist of:

A. The city’s director of emergency services, who is subject to the direction and control of the mayor, shall be the administrative head and have direct responsibility for the organization, administration and operation of the emergency management program for the city, and direct responsibility for the emergency operations of departments in the city.

B. The director of emergency services shall be appointed by the mayor, shall develop and maintain the emergency operations plan and program, and shall have such other duties as may be assigned by the city manager.

C. An emergency planning team appointed by the director of emergency services shall provide staff support in the development, implementation and maintenance of the emergency operations plan and to staff the emergency operations center, provide policy recommendations to the city council during emergency and recovery periods and perform any other necessary functions during an emergency or disaster. The team shall consist of such key personnel as are designated by the department directors, and such personnel from outside professional and volunteer organizations having key roles in emergency preparedness, planning and response activities as determined by the director of emergency services.

D. Other as deemed appropriate by the city council. (Ord. 1619 § 1, 1995).