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The determination of whether an official or employee shall be afforded a defense by the city under the terms of this chapter shall be made by the city council on the recommendation of the city manager. The decision of the city council shall be final as a legislative determination and shall be based upon a finding that an official or employee meets or does not meet the criteria of this chapter. Nothing herein shall preclude the city from undertaking an officer or employee’s defense under a reservation of rights. The determination as to whether to furnish a defense as provided under this chapter to a member or members of the city council shall be made without the vote of such member or members of the city council unless the inclusion of such member or members is required for a quorum; provided, that if a claim or lawsuit affects a quorum or greater number of the members of the city council, all such affected members shall retain their voting privileges under this section. (Ord. 1505 § 1, 1993).