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A. If, while fulfilling their responsibility under this chapter, the inspector, the engineer, the soil engineer, the engineering geologist or the testing agency finds that the work is not being done in conformance with this chapter or the approved grading plans, the discrepancies shall be reported immediately in writing to the person in charge of the grading work and to the director. Recommendations for corrective measures, if necessary, shall be submitted upon request of the director.

B. The appropriate grading permit shall be required regardless of any permit issued by any other department or agency that may be interested in certain aspects of the proposed work. Where work for which a permit is obtained by this chapter is started or proceeding before obtaining such a permit, the work shall be stopped, and the violator shall be subject to such penalties as provided in this chapter. However, the payment of such penalties shall not relieve any person from fully complying with the requirements of this chapter in the execution of the work nor any other penalties prescribed thereon.

C. The director may require that the approved activity, operations and project designs be modified if delays occur which incur weather-generated problems not apparent at the time the permit was issued. (Ord. 2269 § 1, 2018).