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All grading activities shall be required to comply with the city of Bothell Design and Construction Standards as adopted within BMC 18.02.010, including the thresholds, definitions, and minimum requirements found within the King County Surface Water Design Manual.

A. All grading activities shall be in accordance with a city-approved erosion and sedimentation control plan, as well as the provisions of Chapter 18.04 BMC, Storm Water and Drainage Control Code.

B. Grading activities shall consider the surface and subsurface drainage effect of the proposed alterations on adjacent properties, rights-of-way, utilities and other improvements. All planned grading activities shall include recommendations, measures, and best management practices.

C. The director may require additional controls or modified minimum requirements for specific projects or areas based on specific site conditions, identified capacity limitations, significant erosion potential, landslide hazards, impacts to critical areas, or seasonal factors as identified within the Bothell Design and Construction Standards. (Ord. 2365 § 4, 2021; Ord. 2269 § 1, 2018).