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A. A grading permit shall be either a Type I or Type II permit application as specified within BMC Title 11, Administration of Development Regulations, and shall be processed as prescribed within that title.

B. A grading permit may be processed concurrently with a building permit and all other construction permits if the applicant specifically makes this request in the permit application. Provided, however, that a grading permit shall not be issued prior to city approval of any required city entitlements or processes, including site plan review, except as may be provided for within those entitlements or processes.

C. Grading permit application submittal requirements are outlined within BMC 18.05.080. However, the director has the authority to require an applicant to submit additional items as deemed necessary for the review of the application, to establish the number of copies submitted, identify the required level of detail, and promulgate the minimum qualifications of preparers of technical documents. Provided, further, that all mandatory submittal items as identified within BMC 11.06.002, 18.05.080 and the Bothell Standards shall be submitted with a grading permit application. (Ord. 2370 § 9, 2021; Ord. 2269 § 1, 2018).