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A. Prior to commencement of any earth-moving activity described in BMC 18.05.040, a person must receive all applicable city-issued approvals or entitlements.

B. Predevelopment, speculative, rough grading or the practice of pregrading sites or properties prior to receiving a city-approved entitlement authorization, or an approved building permit shall be prohibited.

C. A grading permit shall only be issued after review and city approval of all required plans and documents which are in accordance with this code and the Bothell Standards.

D. Issued grading permits shall be posted on the construction site at all times when work is underway. To ensure that the actual work in the field conforms to the approved plans, grading activities shall be inspected by the city during construction.

E. Grading permits shall be valid for the time periods as provided for in BMC 18.05.130. (Ord. 2370 § 8, 2021; Ord. 2269 § 1, 2018).