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A. Grading activities involving the excavation and backfilling of foundations, footings, basements, crawlspaces and other earthwork directly associated with the construction of a building or structure regulated under the IBC or IRC do not require issuance of a grading permit. Provided, however, these activates do require issuance of a building permit in accordance with BMC Title 20;

B. Grading activities that do not include any of the activities or thresholds listed in BMC 18.05.040 do not require a city-approved grading permit but must still be fully consistent with all applicable requirements of this code including critical areas, shoreline, zoning, utility, surface water, and building regulations; and

C. Activities that do not require issuance of another city-issued development permit; provided, however, that any grading activity shall install and maintain sediment and erosion control and pollution prevention best management practices (BMPs) as promulgated within the Bothell Standards.

D. The following minor activities do not require a grading permit:

1. Agricultural crop management of existing farmed areas;

2. Cemetery graves involving less than 50 cubic yards of excavation, and related filling per each cemetery plot;

3. Public or private rights-of-way, tract or easement pavement maintenance such as pothole and square cut patching, overlaying existing asphalt or concrete pavement with asphalt or concrete without expanding the area of coverage, shoulder grading, reshaping/regrading drainage systems, crack sealing, resurfacing with in-kind material without expanding the road prism, and any pavement preservation activities that do not expand the road section or length; or

4. Replacement or repair of existing underground utility projects, provided the activity replaces the ground surface with in-kind material or materials that have similar runoff characteristics and are subject to preparation of a construction stormwater pollution control prevention plan. (Ord. 2269 § 1, 2018).