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All earth-moving activities listed below are considered grading and require approved plans and city-issuance of a grading permit and/or other permits as applicable.

A. Any activity which moves 50 cubic yards or more of earth, whether the material is excavated or filled and whether the material is imported or brought into the site, exported or removed from the site, or moved around on the site.

B. Any grading within a critical area or a critical area buffer as defined within Chapter 14.04 BMC. Such grading shall only be permitted if a city-issued critical areas alteration permit or other authorization as prescribed within BMC 14.04.240 has been issued.

C. Any grading occurring within an area subject to the Shoreline Management Act as described within Chapter 13.05 BMC. Such grading shall only be permitted if a city-issued shorelines substantial development permit or other shorelines authorization as prescribed within Chapter 13.17 BMC has been issued.

D. Any change of the existing grade of four feet or more. This requirement applies to all permanent changes in grade and all temporary grade changes that exist for 60 days or more.

E. Any grading activity occurring within an open space tract, critical areas tract, native growth protection tract or easement within any type of easement dedicated to the public or a public agency or public district, city-owned tracts or public or private rights-of-way and other public ways.

F. Construction or reconstruction of rockeries and modular block walls four or more feet in height. A building permit is also required for rockeries, cast-in-place walls, earth retaining walls, gravity walls, or modular block walls four feet or more in height. The height of retaining structures shall be measured as set forth within Chapter 12.14 BMC.

G. Shoring, cast-in-place and precast concrete retaining walls, timber retaining walls, and modular large block such as ecology block or similar, walls three blocks or more in height or gravity walls with no soil reinforcing or more than four feet in height are also regulated under the requirements of the adopted building codes of Chapter 20.02 BMC which adopts the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC) and shall require the issuance of a separate building permit in addition to a grading permit.

H. Grading permits may be processed concurrently with other site development permits such as utility, right-of-way, surface water, and other civil development permits. (Ord. 2269 § 1, 2018).