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For the purposes of this chapter, “director” shall mean the director of the public works department or the director’s designee.

A. All grading design and construction shall be in accordance with this chapter, this code and the Bothell Design and Construction Standards and Specifications also known as the Bothell Standards, as incorporated herein by reference, and as may later be amended by the director.

B. The director is granted the authority to implement and enforce BMC Title 18, this chapter and the Bothell Standards.

C. The director shall prepare and adopt construction specifications and design standards and details for grading activities. The director has the authority to make changes to the construction specifications and design standards as local conditions warrant pursuant to Chapter 18.02 BMC

D. The director shall have the authority to review requests from an applicant for deviations from the Bothell Standards pursuant to the procedures outlined within the Bothell Standards. (Ord. 2269 § 1, 2018).