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A. The plat alteration may be approved or denied after a written determination is made whether the public use will be served by the alteration of the subdivision. If any land within the alteration is part of an assessment district, any outstanding assessments shall be equitably divided and levied against the remaining lots, parcels, or tracts, or be levied equitably on the lots resulting from the alteration. If any land within the alteration contains a dedication to the general use of persons residing within the subdivision, such land may be altered and divided equitably between the adjacent properties. A plat alteration must also be consistent with BMC 15.14.030(B).

B. Revised Plat. After approval of the alteration, the city council shall order the applicant to produce a revised drawing of the approved alteration of the final plat or short plat, which after signature of the city council, shall be filed with the county auditor to become the lawful plat of the property. (Ord. 1632 § 1, 1996).