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These requirements are in addition to the minimum application requirements in BMC 11.06.002.

A. General Binding Site Plan.

1. The application submittal requirements of BMC 15.08.020;

2. A copy of the site plan as approved by the city through the grading or building permit, planned unit development or other development application process;

3. A copy of any existing, recorded or proposed covenants, conditions and restrictions, property owners’ association bylaws and incorporation documents, and all other private restrictions or provisions currently applicable or which may become applicable to the subject property;

4. If an existing residential development, evidence of the vote or appropriate association approval authorizing the submittal of the application;

5. A copy of a title company certification (current within 60 days from filing of the binding site plan) confirming that the title of the lands as described and shown on the binding site plan is in the name of the owner(s) signing the binding site plan; and

6. The number of copies as directed by the city.

B. Final Binding Site Plan.

1. The number of copies as directed by the city;

2. Required information as set forth in BMC 15.10.020;

3. Approved plans and documents from the applicable general binding site plan;

4. A statement indicating that all development on the subject parcel is bound to the binding site plan; and

5. Reference by recording number to the covenants, conditions and restrictions and property owners’ association incorporation documents applicable to the property. (Ord. 2123 § 2 (Exh. B), 2013; Ord. 1815 § 1, 2000; Ord. 1632 § 1, 1996).