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A. The final boundary line adjustment map shall be prepared at a scale of 100 feet to the inch, or larger, by a licensed land surveyor, and shall contain the following:

1. Company name, address and phone number of the land surveyor;

2. City file number;

3. Date prepared;

4. Sheet number and number of sheets;

5. Certification by the licensed land surveyor with stamp and signature;

6. Lot numbers;

7. Monuments at all new lot corners, angle points, and intersections with old lines;

8. North arrow;

9. Legend of symbols used;

10. Basis of bearings;

11. All dimensions to hundredths of a foot;

12. All existing easements and tracts shown;

13. Existing lot lines to be adjusted, shown as dashed lines.

B. The final legal descriptions prepared by a licensed land surveyor, or other qualified individual, shall be provided, together with lot closures for each lot. (Ord. 2008 § 1, 2009; Ord. 1815 § 1, 2000; Ord. 1632 § 1, 1996).