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A. Critical areas maps are maintained by the city and designate the location of known critical areas within the city. Said maps, one copy of each of which has been filed with the city clerk, are adopted by reference. For each critical area, the exemptions within WAC 197-11-800 that are inapplicable for that area are:


197-11-800(1)    Minor new construction – Flexible thresholds.

197-11-800(2)(d)    Septic tank installations.

197-11-800(2)(g)    Installation of impervious underground tanks.

197-11-800(6)(a)    Minor land use decisions short plat approval.

197-11-800(24)(a), (c), (g)    Utilities.

Unidentified exemptions shall continue to apply within critical areas of the city.

B. The city shall treat proposals located wholly or partially within a critical area no differently than other proposals under this chapter except as stated in the prior subsection. A threshold determination shall be made for all such proposals. The city shall not automatically require an EIS for a proposal merely because it is proposed for location in a critical area. (Ord. 1631 § 1, 1996; Ord. 1149, 1984).