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A. This section only applies to activities related to this SMP.

B. A legal pre-existing structure may be maintained, repaired, renovated or structurally altered provided such maintenance, repair or alteration does not increase its nonconformity with the provisions of this SMP or the development permit which authorized the legal pre-existing structure.

C. All expansion, extension, maintenance or repair activities of legal pre-existing structures or improvements shall be consistent with all other provisions of the Bothell Municipal Code.

D. A legal pre-existing structure or other improvement destroyed by fire or acts of nature may be repaired or reconstructed to the same or smaller configuration nonconformity that existed at the time the structure was destroyed; provided, that:

1. The repair or reconstruction does not increase the previous pre-existing condition; and

2. The building permit application for repair or reconstruction is submitted within 12 months of the occurrence of damage.

E. Should such legal pre-existing structure or other improvement be moved for any reason for any distance whatever, it shall thereafter conform to the regulations for the use environment in which it is located. (Ord. 2112 § 3 (Exh. C), 2013).