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A. Building height is defined, for the purposes of this Plan, as the vertical extent of a building. Height for buildings is regulated by both the number of floors permitted and by total feet permitted. New structures must meet the minimum and maximum for both floor and dimension requirements. Permitted minimum and maximum heights shall be as determined in BMC 12.64.100 District Requirements.

B. The number of floors shall include all floors located above the finished grade. Portions of the building such as basements or podiums that are substantially or partly submerged shall not be counted as a floor as long as they do not extend more than five feet above grade. Floors that extend more than five feet above grade shall be counted as a floor except where necessary to provide access to an underground parking garage.

C. Building height shall be as defined by the International Building Code (IBC): the vertical distance from the average grade plane of the exterior walls to the average height of the highest roof surface.

D. Habitable attics, inhabited spaces located above a roof’s eave line, are only permitted for detached single-family homes.

E. Portions of a building that are not part of the primary building mass, such as entrance porticos, bays and stoops, are not required to meet minimum height requirements. Parking podiums are not required to meet minimum height requirements. Portions of the building that extend above the primary building mass, such as dormers, roof-top cupolas, elevator and mechanical equipment enclosures, roof deck trellises, gazebos, and other special features, shall not exceed the maximum height requirement by more than 15 feet.

F. Accessory buildings, including non-dwelling units such as freestanding garages for individual residential units, service structures and tool sheds, shall not exceed one and one-half stories or 14 feet.

G. Corner Entry Private Frontages (see BMC 12.64.206) shall not exceed the permitted maximum height by more than 20 feet.

Fig. 12.64.202. Building Height - Sloped Site

(Ord. 2171 § 3 (Exh. C), 2015).