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Development occurring within this area shall be subject to the following:

A. A 30-foot-wide Type I landscape buffer shall be installed and maintained along the westernmost property line. Existing vegetation may be used to meet some or all of the landscaping requirement.

B. Buildings shall be set back a minimum of 100 feet from abutting residential properties. The area between the 30-foot landscape buffer identified above and the 100-foot building setback may be used for parking lots, access drives, storm water facilities, and other improvements not involving structures. Buildings abutting the 100-foot setback which contain office professional or community business uses shall be limited to one story in height.

C. Any development in this area shall be oriented toward existing development to the east and shall be compatible in bulk and scale with the homes and accessory structures of the R 9,600-zoned area to the west and south.

D. Vehicle access to this area shall be limited to SR-527 to protect the detached residential areas located to the west and south. Vehicle access from 240th Street SE and 3rd Avenue SE shall be prohibited.

(Ord. 1948 § 2, 2005).