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A. A dimensioned landscaping plan showing existing and proposed landscaping, irrigation and utilities shall be submitted with the project application for any development except that for individual single-family dwellings and duplexes; the plan shall only address landscaping within the right-of-way, in accordance with BMC 12.18.050. These landscaping plans shall be prepared by a licensed landscape architect or Washington State Certified Nurseryman, except that this requirement shall not apply to individual single-family dwellings, or duplexes, or multiple-family commercial, or industrial projects proposing 2,000 square feet of landscaping or less over the entire development area. Plants shall be identified by botanical and common names, and by caliper (deciduous trees), height (shrubs or coniferous trees), or container size of plant material (ground covers).

B. Irrigation system plans shall be provided, to consist of the following, as may be determined necessary by the community development director based on the size, scale and location of the proposed project:

1. Adequate water pressure and spacing to serve all landscaped areas in non-single-family developments;

2. Moisture or precipitation sensors;

3. Automatic timers set for operation during periods of minimum evaporation and that assure adequate moisture levels;

4. Pressure regulating devices;

5. Backflow prevention devices;

6. Separate irrigation zones for turf and planting beds.

C. Utility plans shall identify the location and size of existing and proposed sewer, water and storm drains and other utilities, both above and below ground. Potential conflicts between landscaping and utilities shall be minimized or avoided.

D. The normal scale for landscape plans shall be one inch equals 20 feet. However, in large projects, the landscape plans shall be at the same scale as all other construction drawings with supplemental drawings at one inch equals 20 feet if necessary to provide sufficient detail. This determination shall be made by the community development director.

E. Final landscaping plans shall be submitted as part of the construction drawing package with one additional copy of the landscaping plan, except as other provisions of this title may require earlier submittal.

F. Final plans shall be approved by the community development director prior to project construction. Changes to approved plans must be approved by the community development director prior to changes being made. (Ord. 1904 § 1, 2003; Ord. 1815 § 1, 2000; Ord. 1629 § 1, 1996. Formerly 12.18.120).