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A. All parking lots and garages, loading areas, drive-through lanes and stacking spaces which can be seen from a public right-of-way shall be screened from view from the right-of-way by means of landscaping as provided for in BMC 12.18.050, 12.18.060 and 12.18.080, except as otherwise provided in BMC 12.16.080 and this section. In order to minimize the visual impact of parked automobiles, the required shrubs and ground cover shall include a berm a minimum of three feet in height and/or planting materials which will form a dense hedge a minimum of three feet in height. Vegetation-based LID BMPs such as bioretention facilities are permitted within parking lot landscaping provided the screening requirements are met. Use drought-tolerant plant materials such as Ottoluyken laurel, Zabel laurel, photinia and pyramidalis, or other plant materials as approved by the city. Periodic breaks in the hedge for pedestrian paths may be provided, and the hedge shall be installed and maintained so as not to interfere with sight distance, in accordance with the Bothell Design and Construction Standards and Specifications.

B. In cases where, in accordance with Chapter 12.36 BMC, a variance from the street frontage landscaping width requirements as set forth in BMC 12.18.050 and 12.18.060 has been applied for and granted, a screen wall shall be substituted. Said wall shall be a minimum of three feet high, of durable and attractive materials such as brick, stone or textured concrete, and shall incorporate a continuous planting box or trellis or grillwork with climbing plants. Said wall shall not interfere with sight distance in accordance with the Bothell Design and Construction Standards and Specifications.

Figure 12.16-5 Screening Wall

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