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When a building or use is required to maintain a specific setback from a property line or other building, such setback shall apply only to the specified building or use.

A. Any structures containing two or more attached primary dwelling units shall be set back a minimum of 25 feet from any property line abutting R-40,000 through R-5,400d zones, unless the adjacent property already is occupied by structures containing two or more primary dwelling units. This special setback requirement shall not apply to duplex structures within detached residential zones that provide affordable dwelling units consistent with the affordable housing provisions of Chapter 12.07 BMC.

B. Within all residential zone classifications, rear yard setbacks for accessory buildings and structures, other than detached accessory dwelling units, shall be five feet. Detached accessory dwelling units shall maintain the same rear yard setback as primary structures, except for those accessory dwelling units located on an alley, in which case the setbacks for structures adjoining alleys in BMC 12.14.060 shall apply.

C. Gas station pump islands shall be set back a minimum of 25 feet from any property line.

D. Abutting an R-zoned property, not including combined zones, the setback shall be 50 feet for any building containing manufacturing, distribution, storage or warehousing uses, and 30 feet for any other nonresidential use.

E. Pad-mounted heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment such as heat pumps, air conditioning units, furnaces, and other similar pad-mounted equipment installed after October 16, 2010, shall comply with the following (note: these requirements shall not apply to portable generator use during times of emergency):

1. Not be located in any front yard setback area;

2. Be located at least three feet from any adjacent property line or structure, including fences;

3. Be screened from view of any public right-of-way by means of either landscaping or fencing. Any such screening should be installed such that it can either be readily removed to provide access to said equipment, or should be placed at least three feet from said equipment to allow for access. (Ord. 2373 § 8, 2022; Ord. 2258 § 3, 2018; Ord. 2255 § 4, 2018; Ord. 2171 § 3 (Exh. C), 2015; Ord. 2123 § 2 (Exh. B), 2013; Ord. 2047 § 2 (Exh. B), 2010; Ord. 1946 § 2, 2005; Ord. 1815 § 1, 2000; Ord. 1629 § 1, 1996. Formerly 12.14.080).