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A. Form. All development agreements shall be in the form provided by the city attorney’s office. The city attorney shall approve all development agreements prior to consideration by the city council.

B. Council Approval. The city council shall only approve development agreements, or amendments thereto, by ordinance after a public hearing by the designated hearing body.

C. Recordation. Development agreements shall be recorded with the real property records of the county in which the property is located at the cost of the applicant. During the term of the development agreement, the agreement is binding on the parties and their successors in interest.

D. Appeal. If the development agreement relates to a project permit application, the provisions of Chapter 36.70C RCW shall apply to any appeal of the decision on the development agreement. (Ord. 2215 § 3 (Exh. B1), 2016; Ord. 1691 § 1, 1997; Ord. 1628 § 1, 1996).