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The following sections in the Revised Code of Washington which were adopted by reference in the Model Traffic Ordinance are not adopted by this reference, and are expressly deleted:


46.04.431    Highway.

46.48.170    State Patrol Authority – Rules and regulations.

46.61.520    Vehicular homicide – Penalty.

46.61.570(b)(i)    Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in specific places – Reserving portion of highway prohibited.

46.80.010    Definitions.

46.80.130    Place of business must be exclusively used – Wall, fence or hedge required.

46.98.020    Provisions to be construed in pari materia.

46.98.030    Title, chapter, section headings not part of law.

46.98.040    Invalidity of part of title not to affect remainder.

60.04.010 – 60.04.220    Mechanics’ and materialmen’s liens. (Ord. 1627 § 1, 1996).